Migration Manager for Windows


Make Settings & File Migration Flawless

“Migration Manager is the best technology for IT migration projects. Nothing even comes close with respect to migrations to Windows 10 and Office 2016.” – Tranxition OEM Partner


Is a large migration approaching?  Do you want to automate your migrations completely?  Migration Manager gets the job done, with management satisfied, users grateful and your reputation enhanced.  Migration Manager takes the pressure off.

Migration Manager is so powerful and easy to use it has received awards nominations for its design.  You can get more done in a few minutes with Migration Manager than you can in weeks with other products.

27 Applications are supported in the tool, including all of the Microsoft Office applications, Visio, Project, and many others.   Browsers include Chrome, Firefox, and Explorer.  Adobe products include Reader and Acrobat. Migration Manager captures all relevant Microsoft Office application settings, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, Project and more. It migrates user settings cross Office and cross OS versions simultaneously, directly from Windows XP and Windows7 to Windows 7 or Windows 10, and Microsoft Office to Office 2016, 2013, and 2010.  One process gets it done for all different applications. Up to about 10,000 settings can be migrated and an unlimited number of files.

  • Does your team need to transfer Windows and Office Settings in one powerful step?
  • Do you need to move user  documents and shell folders in an orderly way?   Migration Manager File Rules gives you total file policy control across systems.
  • Do you need to move the printer identities?
  • Do you need to migrate the PSTs and Accounts in Outlook?  This is just the beginning.
  • Do you need to move specific registry keys?  Migration Manager Registry Rules gives you total policy control.
  • Do you want to control Shell Folders and want to change them on the fly? Migration Manager takes care of it.
  • Are you crossing or changing domains during the migration?  No problem.
  • Do you need rapid adoption to make the deadline?   Full automation of the migration process is easy with Migration Manager. Start simple migrations in minutes.

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>Migration Manager is simple to learn

Migration Manager software saves organizations around the world real money. And it helps VARs and IT professional services groups keep more of it. More than $1.2 billion in migration costs have been slashed since 1998.

The largest aerospace companies, governments, law firms and global banks, research labs, and media, have relied upon Tranxition. Download the trial version with no obligation. You’ll be impressed.


“This product is AWESOME. My team migrated 880 machines in a single weekend with 15 people.”   – R.S. Global engineering firm
“Not a single failure of the software was recorded in over 5,000 migrations. We award it two sigma reliability. (99.99%)” – J. S. Dow Corning
“This tool saved me.   It’s simple to learn and automates so much, it’s hard to describe.” – J.S. – TV Station, Denver
“This is a tool we can’t do without.”- MCP Magazine


  • Major national and international banks, Insurance companies and law firms
  • Fortune 500 corporations in manufacturing and services
  • Major departments of the Department of Defense and Executive Branch
  • Healthcare organization that are both small and large
  • More than $1.2 Billion dollars have been saved over more than a decade!
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User Persona API

Tranxition invented user persona management in 1997, and rolled it into award-winning products such as Personality Tranxport™, LiveManage™ and Migration Manager. Now you can easily and quickly add persona management to your LifeCycle Management application or process, web service, or cloud. It takes as little as a few hours to get started, and the API supports languages such as C, C++, C#, and Java.

Deploy the features developed for PC user migration–settings capture for user, system, data redirection, cross-domain and version transfer, and cross version settings transfer–and apply them to backup, disaster recovery, VDI, and DaaS solutions and more.

Coupled with our database of application and Microsoft* Windows operating system settings, User Persona API enables your application or service to capture settings from Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, Adobe software, browsers and other applications. It lets you store that persona data, transform it, and restore it onto the same or another PC running the same or different versions. Use cases include enterprise backup, cloud backup, virtual desktop on or off-ramping, IT service management, and IT asset management. When used in combination with system imaging, it’s a perfect solution to the biggest headaches in Lifecycle Management.

The User Persona API enables your offering to support “Restore Forward” recovery actions. Instead of just restoring files from a backup, the Restore Forward enables your customers to restore and transform to the then current OS platform and application standards. No more will you need to manage a huge library of images! Use it to restore mobile PC and tablets when they are lost or stolen.

The API is also 35% faster than Migration Manager, includes deep encryption, REST API communications, and more!  It also supports virtual machines, remote desktop scenarios, and Terminal Services use cases. It’s perfect for “On Ramp” or “Off Ramp” scenarios.