Windows 8 Migration Paper by Citrix on TechTarget

We found recently this nice white paper by the people at Citrix* on migrations to Windows* 8.    While Citrix is right about a lot of statements in this well-written whitepaper, there are a few
things that we would add to it.

On the plus side, Citrix says that Windows user state migration is a “major component” of a Windows 8 migration.  They say further that migration tools are those that “…allow a user’s state – account information, local files, and application and OS settings – to be captured and stored as a file, then migrated to an entirely new installation of Windows.”

On the down side, the paper only spoke about Microsoft’s tools for managing Windows migrations, missing the fact that customers are reporting nearly 30% error rates with free tools, as reported by VMWARE* and

For internal productivity, migration cost, and managing end user expectations, user state tools such as Migrate7™ make the difference.   Migrate7’s “map” of settings just for Outlook 2003 is over 20000 lines long, versus the free tools from MS that map less than 100 settings.  More is better.   In our view, a commercial-grade migration solution has proven itself over and over as a better choice.  Plus, Migrate7 commercial-grade customer support, training, and migration design, allows the process to be managed to perfection.

But the paper does have some good tips to consider and is still worth your time.

Note that the site that published the paper,, requires registration to access.

Tech Target Citrix Windows Migration Whitepaper


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