Copying User Profiles for Windows 10 Migration

There are a number of ways to copy settings and profiles out of early versions of Windows to Windows 10.  All of them require time and have mixed results. The modern and effective way to copy a user profile is to use what is called a persona management tool.

Before persona management tools, users had to actually copy the entire profile, or just backup the files and start over.  If one is copying the profile to save it, or to install it on the same versions of Windows and applications, the process can work.  In our experience, it does not work very well as the Windows operating system is massively complex, and it reflects the history of that particular machine.  Loading that profile in its entirety will probably have you begging for support and probably starting over.

A persona management tool has a database and a dictionary and is able to read the settings in the user profile intelligently.  Tools such as Tranxition Migration Manager read the system in a very deep way, extract the settings and capture the documents, and leave all the technical settings in the operating system alone.

Once saved, this “backup” of the user relevant settings and documents has been completed, simply run the persona management tool and it will:

  1. Create a new user profile on the target machine.
  2. Detect the applications installed on the machine.
  3. Deliver the settings and documents in an organized way.
  4. Link up accounts, restore thousands of settings, pictures, etc.

When the user arrives at the replacement device, or the same device with a fresh OS, they are simply amazed.  Check out Tranxition Migration Manager, a tool for business IT, on this very website.   Download it and look at it for yourself.   We believe that you won’t be disappointed.

With more than one million lines of code, Migration Manager is a serious and intelligent tool, for serious IT people who have to get the job done.