Copy User Settings

User settings are a very important aspect of modern computing.  Over the course of the lifetime of a PC, thousands of settings changes can be made by a user, many times not even knowing they have made changes!

There are a variety of methods to copy user settings on Windows devices.   In the past, Microsoft offered a tool, with mixed results, called the “File and Settings Transfer Wizard.”    This app was discontinued with Windows 10.

While it is possible to “extract” user settings from a system, copying user settings in the manner of using a file copy is not possible nor desirable.  In fact, the end results will mostly leave a new PC riddled with errors and perhaps even instabilities.

The value of a user’s settings has been set by Gartner Group between $600-$2000 depending on the configuration and the type of user.  As such, it clearly makes sense to preserve these settings.   In a sense, you are really “backing up” and “restoring” the user’s environment, which can mean that an operating system roll out or a pallet of new PCs can be deployed that actually work for the end user and get them back to full production in seconds rather than hours or days.

Our firm offers one of the fastest and most respected software tools for capturing user settings collections, storing them, and then injecting them on another installation of Windows.   In addition to “copying” the settings, incredibly, it actual modifies and transforms the settings to work with later versions of Windows and Office automatically.

The tool is used by firms all over the world in manufacturing, government, law, research, banking, and services.   Our customer list reads like “Who’s Who” and we have been in business for 20 years.

We hope you found this information helpful.   If you are interesting in taking a look at our award-winning tool, Migration Manager, please click here.