How to Copy a Windows User Profile

Copying your Windows User Profiles is straightforward and easy.

  1. Obtain a Migration Tool.  Copying a user profile requires the use of a particular software tool.  This is true because there are tens of thousands of deeply technical settings in Windows and only a “smart” app with deep knowledge of Windows can make sense of it.
  2. Install the Tool.  Tools that copy user settings are available, and even are free for small projects that are less than ten seats.  Install the tool to a removable drive, large thumb drive, or network share or drive.
  3. Save the Windows User Profile. Once the tool is installed, select the drives or settings that you wish to capture.  Run the tool.
  4. Install Windows 10 and Applications on Your Replacement Device or Run Imaging.  Install the image and applications prior to restoring or injecting the saved user profile.
  5. Inject the User Profile.  After the image has been “installed”, or the applications installed, run the injection of the user profile.  Commercial grade tools will automatically create the users new Windows profile, inject the settings for the installed applications, restore the files, and then painstakingly hook everything up for the user.
  6. Let the User Log In.  When the user logs in normally, they will be connected to the network, and be back to work!