Coronavirus-Related Projects

At a time of concern and uncertainty, Tranxition is working to assist companies globally to adapt quickly to new ways of working as we all progress to succeed with respect to the Coronavirus.  Here are the steps that Tranxition is taking to support your firm and personnel:

  1. Workplaces need to adapt employees to working from home.  Tranxition’s Migration Manager supports migration of user profiles, settings and documents from Windows desktop computers to mobile users. It supports conversion to virtual machines and orderly document transfer to clouds. The software can be operated remotely.  We are seeing substantially increased demand for our software in the last two weeks.  We are able to deliver licenses in a matter of minutes.
  2. Tranxition Migration Manager licenses are available directly from us at a 20% discount until April 30, 2020 for emergency conversion projects.   The link to purchase is here.  Use the coupon code: COVID20
  3. Tranxition personnel are available at a deeply discounted rate to remotely configure Migration Manager to begin migrations almost immediately.
  4. MigrationStick  enables a USB stick to perform a migration with a few clicks by a technician or user.  We recently modified it so end users are now performing the conversion to mobile themselves, reducing exposure risk.  The MigrationStick is available from resellers in the United States and Canada for projects world-wide.  Contact Tranxition for details.

With these, our customers employees and technicians are now migrating office-bound users to mobile devices in less than one hour per machine in many cases.

If there are other aspects that you believe Tranxition can help with in addition to the above, please contact us immediately.   These kinds of situations require us to move beyond alarm and use our minds to adapt to these new and temporary circumstances.

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