Domain Changes

Tranxition often hears from companies that are rearranging the domain structure of a network.  The complex architecture of Windows systems can make this somewhat challenging even for experienced IT technicians.  Some of the use cases are:

  1. Changing desktops from a workgroup setup to an Active Directory domain
  2. Changing desktops from one Active Directory to another
  3. Changing desktops from an Active Directory to a Workgroup
  4. Recovering from damaged directory setups.

The system changes they report are typically described as:

  1. Directory changes in the same desktop
  2. Directory changes with a wiped machine refreshed with a different domain
  3. Directory changes realized during a migration to a new machine

Tranxition Migration Manager is typically used for migrating user personas to new devices.  But it has been successfully used on many occasions with the above scenarios.

Extracting the personality and re-injecting it enables the persona to attach to the new Windows account and update all the Access Control Lists.

The one challenge is damaged Windows implementations.  In some cases, using TMM for recovery will work, and with others, it very well might not and therefore it is not an officially supported use case.  In that circumstance success is impossible to plan for.

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