End Point Management

End Point Management (EPM) replaces traditional desktop systems management for large and medium-sized enterprises and agencies. What EPM promises is better automation and “workspace” management for employees, faster resolution of reported issues and reduced costs.

With respect to desktop refresh, lifecycle management and PC migration, EPM offers customers the ability to streamline these processes to ensure that “rollouts” happen with no major issues.  With poor tools, costs rise and users are shortchanged.

For EPM customers, ensuring that fleet migration, OS and application upgrades go smoothly requires commercial, enterprise grade solutions that leverage what EPM has to offer.  Tranxition’s products play extremely well in EPM environments.

Migration Manager works with Ivanti DSM, Microsoft’s System Center Configuration Manager* (SCCM), CA Unicenter*, IBM Tivoli*, and is easily integrated into many other solutions.

While Tranxition’s solutions certainly migrate documents and settings, a valid enterprise-grade solution must also allow IT to implement and improve policy during the event in order to address risks that can develop during a migration.

Tranxition’s Migration Manager substantially reduces migration and upgrade risk for EPM customers. It accomplishes this with enviable ease of adoption and deployment, simple and powerful configurability, support for off-hours user settings and documents capture, cross-domain migrations, automatic creation of user accounts, and powerful support for Microsoft Office.

That’s before mentioning the outstanding performance of the tool, a performance that must simply be experienced to be appreciated.

Contact Tranxition today and end the pain of desktop migration with Migration Manager for Windows.

*trademarks are the property of their respective holders.