Customer Reviews

What Do Real Users Think about Tranxition and its products?

Dow Corning migrated 10,000 machines.  After it was over, they said:

“Not a single failure of the software was recorded in over 5,000 migrations. This is the best supported product we’ve used.” – Dow Corning

This small law firm took their time getting to know Migration Manager.  After the migration, they said:

“Everything Tranxition says about its product is true. I test many products and they often fall short.” – Law Firm, South Carolina

This next customer had a huge problem with their Windows AD domain accounts.  Apparently, they used a tool to convert them, which left a mess of accounts behind when they were done.   We worked with them to understand their issue and gave them a custom build to handle it.  This is what they said:

“We never heard of Tranxition before, but we are glad we did. We increased our efficiency by nearly five times and slashed our migration cost.” “This product saved my job. And the support for our complex situation was off the charts. Migration Manager is a great product.” – IT Manager, Media Company and Fox Affiliate

With tens of thousands of end users, this IT software company in Europe gave us glowing reviews.   On a quarterly conference call, they said:

“We get only four or five support calls per quarter on Migration Manager and we have hundreds of customers. Almost all of those are questions about implementation. It’s amazingly reliable.” – Partner, Germany

This customer went from Windows 7 to Windows 10, rapidly and without problems.  Afterwards, the owner said:

“We love this technology. It’s almost like a form of magic.” – Partner, Florida

This customer is a venture capital firm and they did not expect to get so many settings transformed and moved to the new OS/Office combination.  They said:

“I could not believe it when recently used documents and shortcuts and nearly everything else came back without a hitch. It’s a wow product.” – Partner, California