Website Healthcare Solutions image.Some people assume that Healthcare IT is the same as the rest of IT.  Actually, Healthcare IT is different. Healthcare is about using technology to help people maintain their most important asset: good health.

Healthcare regulations and policies require patient records, policies, and information be kept intact and protected so that patients have the maximum probability that healthcare organization can deliver the services that their mission requires.

If a healthcare employee’s desktop settings and files are not preserved during a migration, patient care may suffer and no one wants that.

Many IT shops and service providers in the past used weak, “free”, non-commercial grade migration technologies.  These so-called “solutions” are reported to have sketchy reliability, even when they come from name-brand companies. It’s not clear that those migration solutions meet the standards for healthcare data protection.

Healthcare organization’s appreciate Tranxition’s commitment to solution quality, direct technical support, a qualified migration provider network, “hands-on” professional services. When you couple that with the superlative reliability, availability, and serviceability of Tranxition’s solutions, it all adds up to excellent migrations, every time.

If your healthcare organization is planning on a migration, download Migration Manager and discover why major companies, organizations, and agencies around the world rely on us for the safest migrations around.

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