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 The legal profession is by definition an information profession.   Attorney productivity is enabled by reliable access to technology.

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Tranxition’s patented and fully-mature migration technology is a perfect fit for Legal IT departments.  Our dedication to quality with 99.99% customer-measured reliability, speed and migration depth, means that your firm’s attorneys and support staff will be working at maximum throughput during and after the migration.

Tranxition’s Migration Manager enables background backups during the day, which means attorney’s and support staff can keep working.   Migration Manager speed (5X faster than home-grown solutions) means that new software and devices are deployed quickly.   Our integration of local administration rights means that attorney confidentiality is maintained and access policies are preserved.. And that’s just scratching the surface.

Our deep audit logs can help you prove that everything happened as it should. Our high quality support (which is almost never needed) and off-hours response time means that your firm’s project stays on track.  Our support for Office and Outlook provide instant access after migration to the productivity keys of the modern law firm. When the data is important, you need Tranxition.

Contact Tranxition today and discover the software that IT loves: Migration Manager.

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