Mergers and Acquisitions IT Integration Plan

M&A is a frequent occurrence in the world of business.  While it can take months to negotiate a merger, it can take many months or even years to fully integrate a business.  In fact, most mergers that do not deliver the financial rewards that were predicted fail because of the integration plan.  The good news is that it does not have to be this way.

The key effort is what happens in the beginning.  It’s critical to identify the information flows between different areas of the business.  It is impossible to underestimate how important this  step is.  the operations management in a firm needs to detail how the portions of the new business are to co-function.  Once this is established, the information flows that need to be in place to support that co-functioning need to be identified.   For example, a sales team selling a complementary product to another sales team in the different businesses need to share information and co-operate. Information flows are necessary to make that happen.

Approaching an IT integration plan after a merger and acquisition is a key step in making these transactions work.  Identifying information flows also enables IT to reflect back to the business owners if there is a problem in the business side of the plan.  In this way, a proper plan can result in raising the reputation and respect that the business has for the IT department.

Having the proper tools can help.   Migration tools can help to resolve domain name issues and get people working in the new system very easily.