PC Migration for IT Services and MSPs

PC Migration

Tranxition licenses Migration Manager to IT Services firms and MSPs for their own use in their customer sites during a PC migration.

When Tranxition enters into a discussion with IT Services, we partner with 80% of the firms who evaluate. Our customers are quite vocal with their reasons for choosing it. We thought it would be helpful to explain the reasons why channel partners are coming to Tranxition and rebuilding their endpoint migration processes around Migration Manager.

There are three main categories of reasons , Technical, Operational, and Financial.  Let’s take them in reverse order.

PC Migration – Financial

The financial reasons usually seal the relationship.   Customers tell us that our product requires the fewest resources to implement, support, and complete an endpoint migration.   They tell us often that as a result of our architecture, they can become quite competitive.

Enterprise customers of these IT Services firms win too.  They achieve lower costs and more productive activity from both IT and from end users.


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PC Migration – Operations

The operational reasons relate closely to cost and quality of PC migration.   With Migration Manager, customers tell us that they cut between 45 minutes and 2.5 hours of time on the bench for a particular endpoint during PC migration.   With IT technical loaded cost of $80 per hour in some cases, that’s a very significant benefit.   With respect to quality, the design of Migration Manager comes in.   The software is designed to be real time sensing.  Real time sensing means that Migration Manager automatically detects the OS and application versions.  So there is one process for whatever mix is found on a particular network.   At final rollout, the new or renewed endpoint is rejoined with the users’ persona.   When Migration Manager operates, it’s real time sensing detects the new application versions and transforms the settings for supported apps and OS automatically, using the same process no matter what it finds.  Operationally, this means that novice technicians can operate the process without getting into trouble.  The ability to use junior staff or contractors for PC migration saves costs and further increases margins.

PC Migration – Technical

We have already covered some of the technical reasons why IT Services and MSPs are coming in droves to leverage Migration Manager.  While scripts using the Microsoft tools can take many weeks to implement,  because of real time sensing and the field use case of its design, it only takes a few simple scripts to embed it into an existing process.   It’s depth means that users are pleasantly surprised with how much came over during the process.

MSPs and large corporations say, “why have I not heard of Tranxition before?”   Since 2004, Tranxition has sold Migration Manager privately under the brands of many companies you have heard about.   As industry consolidates and markets have matured, we have moved away from this business model and put renewed focus on our primary customer, IT Services and MSPs.

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Final Point

As your IT service or managed service provider firm often has PC migration projects, you owe it to yourself to closely evaluate Migration Manager and its potential impact on endpoint service quality, profitability, and competitiveness.

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