Tranxition is aware that nefarious actors will sometimes seek to take information they are not authorized to possess. While the chief media focus of computer security revolves around external actors “hacking’’ into corporate computer installations, inside actors usually represent a larger risk.

This page describes the security features of Tranxition Migration Manager, a user settings and file migration tool. These features are specifically designed to mitigate insider risk.  There are a number of important security features that enable its wide use in corporate and governmental environments.

Data security is about protection of user data when it leaves the desktop and travels to the storage location; and the protection of that data while at rest.

Tranxition includes NSA-grade AES-256 encryption as a standard feature, implemented at the origin, encrypted to prevent interception while in transit.

Tranxition’s AES-256 encryption is operative while data is at rest. All user documents are encrypted while stored.  This encryption takes place after compression, to reduce extraction times.

Access to encrypted user information is protected by a token or password. The datastore passwords are implemented in response files where the password is not accessible to the operators.

In order to reach many settings on a typical Windows system, local administrator-level access can be necessary. This access can be inherited from an administrator account specifically set up on the Active Directory Server. If such a scenario is not supported, Migration Manager includes a feature where local administrator access permissions are encrypted and stored by MIGRATION MANAGER  in such a way that the access credentials cannot be used for any other purpose.  Operating the product in this way enables the software to capture the needed information and prevents technicians or users from needing local administrator access to user devices.

Tranxition has been successfully implemented in System Center Configuration Manager using the System Account and other scenarios, which allows for migration manager to leverage and be bound by permissions set in SCCM.

It is also successfully used by Quest Software KACE users to enable and protect their migration processes.

It can be a significant challenge to balance usability and security in enterprise environments. The well-designed, carefully-thought through security features of Migration Manager are more than sufficient to enable utilization of the product in sensitive environments and to meet regulatory requirements.

For more information, contact Tranxition or your authorized representative.