Many people have come to our company after suffering for years using USMT.   It’s not that USMT is a failure.  It’s just that its a freebie tool from Microsoft that does not get the proper investment.

Users have reported to us that USMT terminates abruptly and often with no apparent reason.  They also report that it is expensive and time consuming to program and administer it.  It’s not solution but a raw tool that can ultimately, after a lot of work, work okay most of the time.

It was created, according to sources at the time, by Microsoft because their large customers registered their displeasure at the total cost of migration to new versions of Windows.  Unfortunately, at the same time, they hurt a lot of startup businesses, including Tranxition, by interfering into the market with an inferior but no-cost toolkit.   It was good enough perhaps to deflect criticism but not good enough to solve the problem well and a lot of other startups were purchased for pennies or got wiped out.   Tranxition’s earliest investor told us that “it’s amazing, a full twenty-years on from when Tranxition started and the problem still exists.”

If MS had let the startups solve the problem, it would have been completely solved.  That said, companies like Tranxition stayed in the game and now produce the migration solution that is actually designed and implemented to solve the problem.

User migration solutions that are commercial-grade are a much better choice for capturing and migrating user settings.  In the end, they are much faster, more reliable, and your users and management will be relieved when its over.  So, yes, there are better solutions.