User-Initiated Migrations and Backups

Migration Manager supports several different deployment models.  These are automatic, manual, and user-initiated.  The user-initated migration is one of the more important approaches because it can be performed with a minimum of technical expertise and at the user’s convenience.

The user receives an email inviting them to get their new PC by clicking on a link.   That link begins the backup of the user’s data and settings.  Migration Manager is designed to backup while the user is working, including saving documents that the user currently has open, the recently-used file lists, and nearly everything else.

IT Services then delivers the new device.  The user logs into the new device and Migration Manager begins the injection.   With this model, the user interruption is limited to the period during the injection. On most systems, this is about twenty minutes.

The user can also employ a similar process to backup their laptops before traveling with the computer.   Never again, will a lost or damaged laptop cause on-going headaches for your traveling users.

After a reboot, they are back up and working.   Compare that with half-day or longer migrations and you get the picture!

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