USMT Alternative

USMT, a set of executables and scripts which enable the capture and transfer of windows user state or windows profile settings to another personal windows device, has been available in one form or another since 2001.   On the upside, it was a component with no upfront licensing cost.   On the downside, users and media alike report significantly mixed end results from working with the tool.  Most of Tranxition’s new business is from IT departments that move away from USMT and want an alternative.

There are a few interfaces in the market that put an GUI in front of USMT, and some of these are fairly nice.  The caveat is that it’s still USMT under the hood and that has been shown in the media and by customer reports to be problematic.

Users of Tranxition Migration Manager report the following benefits over USMT:

  1. Speed.  TMM has been proven to operate five times faster than USMT, meaning that five personas can be migrated in the time it takes to migrate a single USMT instance.  This data was generated in “apples to apples” testing performed in a channel lab.
  2. Higher reliability.  Microsoft Certified Professional magazine reported a 29% error rate with USMT.   User’s report insignificant or no errors in even 10,000 seat migrations with Migration Manager.
  3. Ease of Adoption.   Scripting with USMT can take months to set up and perfect.  With TMM
  4. Depth.    Tranxition consistently obtains high resolution transfers.

Tranxition offers a no-cost evaluation.  Registration is simple.    Results are expected.