User State Migration Tools (USMT) are a class of applications that have unique abilities.  In addition to capturing documents and files stored on end user devices. USMTs restore them to another device, they also incorporate the ability to identify, locate, extract, and transform settings between different operating systems and applications.

In reality, they are a class of backup and restore tools with unique features that surpass backup and restore functionality.  In addition to recovering documents, USMTs recover user and corporate system customization and user environment choices.  In practice it means that restoring from a saved “persona” delivers the user most of the environment they were operating in.   The recovered system will look, “feel”, and operate mostly like the older system, meaning a near instant return to productive use.

Tranxition’s founders invented User State Migration in 1998.    Tranxition’s latest product, Migration Manager, is considered a highly-competitive product by companies and organizations globally.     To learn more, click here.