Government Agencies


Migration Manager has a long track record of successful use in government agencies. Migration Manager’s  ease of adoption, customization and battle-tested reliability, deliver great migration results every time. As one armed forces general told us: “The competition is not even close.”

Everyone knows that government IT managers are challenged to do more with less. That’s why they need tools that “snap-in” seamlessly, have minimal training requirements, and are two-sigma safe. Migration Manager delivers the most powerful Microsoft Office settings transfer available. If you have customized applications, registry settings, and specialized file directories, no problem.

Our users have also figured out that they can do more than just migrate files and user settings with Migration Manager. They use the tool to actually implement storage and active directory policy changes during the migration. They also tell us that Migration Manager is the only tool for complex migration scenarios, even those on a tight time frame.

Our cross-domain and no-user-password-required design extracts users without compromising security policies.

In short, join the long list of defense, scientific, executive and administrative agencies that have come to trust Tranxition’s Migration Manager. Major defense contractors such as Lockheed Martin, L3 Communications, banking regulators, and others trust it as well.

Your users will love the result and that’s the result you need.

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