Mergers, Consolidations and Acquisitions

There are few projects more challenging for an IT services group than a merger project.

Migration Manager is the perfect solution for IT departments confronting consolidations, mergers, and acquisitions.  These projects involve integrating devices that have been operating on separate domains.

Migration Manager

  • Takes your users across the domains to their new home.  Migrates users across domains and allows user name conventions to change at the same time.
  • Allows file storage policies to be adjusted from the old company convention to the new one.
  • Keeps printer identities.
  • Allows systems to be re-imaged to the new standard with no user data loss.

Since users in a CMA scenario are generally keeping their same printers and operating systems,  using TMM, IT can migrate printer identities, special registry keys and groups of keys  using our elegant File Rules and Registry Rules features.  Need to move your users to a different storage setup, network drives?  No problem.  Migration Manager does that too.

To all the above, add in our dedication to quality with 99.99% customer-measured reliability, speed and migration depth.  And the end of the migration, it can mean the difference in IT getting it all done in time and your migrated users are now working  together.

Tranxition’s Migration Manager enables background backups during the day, which means users can keep working during the “extraction.” Migration Manager  speed (5X faster than home-grown solutions) means that new software and devices are deployed quickly.  Our integration of local administration rights means that confidentiality is maintained and access policies are preserved.  And that’s just scratching the surface.

Our high quality support, pre and post sales support and off-hours availability means that your firm’s project stays on track.   When you are under deadline, you need Tranxition.

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