Windows 10 Migration Tool

There are a variety of tools that are helpful for preparing for a Windows 10 migration.

Some of those tools are:

  1. System Imaging Tool.  A system imaging tool takes a snapshot of a personal computer so that it can be cloned onto dozens, hundreds, or thousands of personal computers.   These images typically contain the operating system (usually Windows 10), the standard applications such as Microsoft Office, and any utilities or drivers needed by the new system for hardware such as printers.
  2. Profile Capture Tool.  A profile capture tool, such as Migration Manager, captures the thousands of corporate and user settings needed to copy a user profile and transform it so that it functions for the user on the new Operating System.  The most advanced of these tools will transform the settings from an older version of Windows and Office to a newer version, so that your firm can upgrade to new versions while you deploy.  The best also create user accounts on the fly, can work during off hours, and create a fully functional personal computer for the user that is familiar and effective.
  3. SysPrep. Sysprep is a Microsoft utility that IT departments us to prepare a corporate standard default profile and a functional Windows 10 result after imaging.

Using these tools together will deliver a great user and IT experience during and after the migration.