From the Inventors of Profile Migration

Need to change endpoint Windows profiles to point to a new user name and or domain? Migration Manager delivers that and a whole lot more. It is an excellent endpoint domain change solution for Windows.

Users receive a new account with a clean and working profile, domain and user names updated, plus all end-user profile directories updated to the new domain/user name template, and all Office settings pointing to the correct shell folders and directories! Whether you are doing a PC migration, Windows profile migration, domain change project, or simply want to back up settings to OneDrive, Migration Manager software delivers 2-sigma (99.9%) reliability. Tranxition Migration Manager also delivers deeper content in Microsoft Office, efficient operation, and it has all the automation settings you need to deliver for management.

Firms in the United States and Europe have been relying on Tranxition Migration Manager for two decades to safely, deeply, and quickly, migrate user profiles. Many firms are finding out that Tranxition delivers deep domain changes at a fraction of the cost of other solutions while delivering a deeper result. Migration Manager creates new accounts, transfers domains (including local), changes user names, updates shell folders, updates file directory names, and adjusts Microsoft Office to the changes. Few other solutions address this kind of detail. Domain change solutions from Tranxition deliver results.

Other solutions claim to migrate user accounts and profiles to new domains, but no domain solution on the planet goes as deep into Windows and Office to make sure all the needed changes are made. For example, some solutions do not update the usernames embedded in end user file directories. Tranxition does. Some solutions do not update Microsoft office to let it know about the changes. Some solutions have more bells and whistles, but no solution can give you a cleaner profile with all the changes. It’s appropriate for mergers and acquisitions. Tranxition Migration manager is a deep endpoint domain change solution.

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