Tranxition’s founders invented User State Migration, and abstracted computer persona in 1997.  Many of the features of modern web applications, such as migrating settings to another device for web viewing, were invented in Tranxition’s lab.  Major corporations, small well-run businesses, government agencies, and discerning technicians respect Tranxition for unleashing a revolution in ease of use and portable user experience. We estimate that Tranxition’s ideas and inventions have generated over $6 billion dollars in value productivity since our launch.

The majority of our business has been supplying software to other software companies and IT Services firms, enabling them to bring our vision to their product lines.  Major companies such as Frontrange, HP, BMC and many others recognized that our software delivers repeatable, reliable results and two-sigma reliability.

Find out why Tranxition is one of the best kept secrets in the IT business.