Tranxition was founded in 1998 by Gordon Rielly and Kelly Mackin. Many of the features of modern applications, such as migrating settings to another device for viewing were invented in Tranxition’s lab. Major corporations, IT service providers and government agencies rely on us. Tranxition’s ideas and inventions have generated billions of dollars in customer benefit. Our goal was to make personalization “liquid” and give users more freedom. As IT professionals, we wanted to get there by helping other IT professionals. That’s why we put such an emphasis on actual support of our customers during implementation and ongoing use. That’s also why we would rather not include a feature if it will undermine reliability even in limited circumstances.

Tranxition works so hard to enable our customers that they often remark about our being “members of their team”. If you are looking for software companies that back YOU, then you have just found one. When customers have had special requirements, we have been known to add new functionality to meet their needs.

.Major software firms such as Frontrange, HP, BMC and many others recognize that our software delivers repeatable, reliable results and two-sigma reliability.

Tranxition Migration Manager is one of the best kept secrets in the IT business. The proof is in the results.