We deliver software that captures Windows profile information, also called user settings and files, and we enable IT to transfer that “personality,” including application settings cross-version, to other devices on the Windows platforms in including Windows 10.  We also automate a huge number of migration-related tasks.

Tranxition is less-well-known than many other firms in this area as a result of our licensing our software under the brands of other companies, including HP, BMC, HEAT, Ivanti, and many others.

Our ground-breaking products have been recognized by PC Magazine, Microsoft Certified Professional, Forbes, and numerous other publications for bringing to market the magic of capturing and restoring a computer user profile and transforming it to another, different, computer.  To the user, it’s like a form of magic.

Our enterprise level products are used by the world’s most important organizations: government agencies, research labs, major banks, defense contractors, manufacturers, law firms, insurance, cities and counties, to name a few.   Smaller firms appreciate how easy they are to use and adopt.

Organizations choose Tranxition because we deliver flawless user profile migrations.  We support our customers aggressively and make it our mission to make their projects successful.

Our tools are offered by leading technology companies.

“Tranxition’s strong data management tools are particularly well-suited for larger business contexts.” – PCMag

For more than a decade in time, more than $1.2 Billion dollars have been saved with our migration software.  Stop the suffering with poor tools.  Tranxition Migration Manager, along with your favorite systems management software means that migrating users to Windows 10 has never been easier. Your automated PC settings and documents migration solution.

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