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Tranxition brings you the magic of capturing and restoring a computer user profile and transforming it to another, different, computer. Millions of migrations have been performed by research labs, manufacturers, technology vendors, government agencies, financial firms and more with our tools. Flawless Windows Profile Transfer has never been easier.

Case Studies


Lockheed Martin

DARPA had a thousand desktop PCs to upgrade and migrate, and most were running older versions of Windows with over 200 custom applications located on those systems.


Dow Corning

Tranxition's Migration Manager software helped reduce the cost of migrating Dow Corning’s 9000 PCs to Windows 2000 by 90 percent, for an estimated savings of $1.62 million.


Houston Chronicle

One of the most important media companies in the US, the HOUSTON CHRONICLE is a key source of news for the state of Texas. With 2,000 knowledge workers, the CHRONICLE needed a proven PC migration solution with great support.

“Migration Manager is one of the best tested and supported software products I’ve ever used. After more than 5,000 migrations not a single instance of failure of the software was recorded.”

-Jason Stefanich, Dow Corning
Client Server Engineering Manager

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For over a decade, premier organizations and companies around the world respect Tranxition for its award-winning Windows User Profile migration tool, Migration Manager. Banks, corporations, governments, research labs, manufacturers, law firms, and small enterprises respect Tranxition Software's Windows 10 Transfer tools. Firms which have used our Windows 10 transfer software have a deep respect for its speed, depth and reliability. Our software integrates with many systems management platforms and appliances. If you are looking for project-based persona management for Windows 10, Migration Manager is generally thought to be the most cost-effective. Major IT Service firms in North America and Europe have built businesses around our solution. We encourage you to find out why.


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