Migration Manager provably saves firms between 1.5-6.0 hours per PC.  That includes IT time plus the time of your employees.  Gartner Group calculated the benefit between $600-2000 if all costs are considered. Our pricing comes in about 5% of the value received.  Firms report recovering months of labor time, easily enough to justify abandoning current methods. Migration Manager costs less to operate than free tools including the license fee.

We offer perpetual and subscription models. Most firms prefer perpetual licenses. IT Services and MSPs often prefer subscriptions and per use. You only need one license to migrate between two PCs.  All purchases include assistance setting up.


Perpetual licenses allow for enterprises to deploy migration manager and migrate computers on an ongoing basis. The Migration Manager list price is $19.95 MSRP.  For a 500 PC migration, our price falls to $17.50 per unit and then to the low teens for large accounts. Support, Maintenance, and UPGRADES are included in all maintenance agreements.

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Subscriptions are annual and charged monthly. The Initiation fee is a modest $45. When a subscription holder needs more licenses for a larger project, Tranxition can add these to your account without requiring an increase in the subscription level and these extra licenses are charged separately at the same price. All subscriptions include support and upgrades and require only a one-year commitment.  Support and upgrades are included.

Our cost-effective subscription prices really help.

Initial fee: $45.00

Seats (per year)Price (per seat/month)Savings (in Labor and Time)

*Custom subscriptions from 121-500 seats per year are available