IT Migration Techs Unsatisfied with Free Tools

From Microsoft Certified Professional

“64 percent of enterprises (more than 5,000  employees) had not moved off Windows XP, although most (50 percent) had Windows  XP migrations that were “in process.” About half of midsize companies  (1,000 to 5,000 employees) still had not moved off Windows XP, but the majority  (43 percent) had such efforts in motion. Lastly, 61 percent of small-to-medium  businesses (100 to 1,000 employees) had not migrated, although 44 percent indicated  that they had such moves in process.

Almost half (47 percent) of IT pros said that they had put in some weekend work or worked evenings (44 percent) to get the migration work  done. Despite those efforts, 49 percent of the IT pro respondents indicated  that end users experienced downtime during the Windows XP migration process. IT  pros also reported seeing problems with applications that would not work with  Windows 7 after the migration, with 38 percent of respondents reporting that  problem.

Of course, this surprises us not….



Most of the respondents were using the “free tools from  Microsoft” to carry out the Windows XP migrations… the survey didn’t poll the specific tools were  used. Respondents indicated less satisfaction when using Microsoft’s tools for  migration compared with new tools [emphasis added].

“We saw the lowest amount of complaints when they  purchased new tools, which probably makes a lot of sense because they probably  bought something specific for their OS migration,” said Betty Junod,  director of desktop product marketing for end-user computing at VMware, in a phone interview. She noted that that large enterprises experienced the greatest lag in getting Windows XP migrations accomplished and that IT pros were working  overtime to get the job done.

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