Ransomware RecoveryWhen Ransomware Hits You Won’t Break a Sweat.

Ransomware is a multi-billion dollar problem for organizations around the world. Swimage and Tranxition have joined forces to address this problem.

By combining Swimage’s strength in enterprise endpoint management and Tranxition’s strength in accurate profile management, our two firms are able to produce the industry’s first full rebuild ransomware recovery platform that can complete in less than an hour.

Swimage+Tranxition Ransomware Recovery is a SaaS-based solution that can be rapidly deployed before the malware hits, and instantly provide value afterwards, by getting your users back to work with almost no data loss, and no ransom bill.

With Ransomware Recovery, your organization recovers your data and your users get a FULL rebuild of the PC, using AI to guide the process, while saving an image of the infected device for forensic analysis. After malware detection the system is locked to prevent further damage. This is not a backup. This is an integral system to restore devices and user accounts.

The key benefits to Ransomware Recovery:

  1. Restore process is a full system rebuild from good known source to lay down a good OS.
  2. Applications are installed properly from “known good” repositories.
  3. Process restores point-in-time user documents, application configurations and personal settings.

The best thing is that the entire process takes about an hour. So instead of a $75 million-dollar ransom, your organization flips a switch and one hour later hackers are out of luck.

The solution is:

  1. Fully-Automated
    1. No interaction required.
    2. Real-time reporting to admins.
  2. Secure
    1. Multi-layered protection.
    2. System locked during recovery to prevent spread.
    3. Two-Sigma Grade Process
      1. Reduced tech hours required for recovery.
      2. Reduced support costs
      3. High accuracy
      4. Zero-touch
      5. Intelligent workflow with built in AI
    4. Best User Experience
      1. Minimal Interruption.
      2. Before, during or after hours
    5. Total Process Control. Resilient forward and backward operation with Auto-repair of Swimage+Tranxition Ransomware Recovery Elements