Webinar: Make More Money Doing Desktop Migration

Highly Profitable Desktop Migration Practices for MSPs

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Join Keith Lubner, Managing Partner of C3, as he outlines profitablity and return on investment secrets that anyone can find when moving end point data. Keith will highlight the key issues facing it organizations today, how the prople withing these entitites can overcome these challenges, and ow personnel can put in place technologies and proceses that can “change the game” on an everyday basis. Included is a showcase technology example depicting significant cost savings on moving User Profile data.

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About Keith Lubner

Keith Lubner acts as an advisor and mentor to several of today’s leading channel organizations on strategies, tactics, and programs to accelerate growth. He is a world-wide recognized expert on channel enablement, channel sales & marketing issues, and channel leadership. His training programs and workshops have been delivered across the globe to several start-up and multi-national organizations. Keith has founded three companies and is considered a worldrenown expert in channels and sales. He is currently Managing Partner of Channel Consulting Corp and Co-founder with Jeb Blount (author of Fanatical Prospecting) of the recently launched Channel EQ, an organization focused on providing transformational training and enablement tools, workshops, and programs. Mr. Lubner has over 25 years of experience across multiple technology and industry domains. He has published 100’s of articles on business transformation, channel enablement, business leadership, and sales & marketing excellence and is a frequent speaker at industry tradeshows and partner conferences.