Pandemic Technology Response

Tranxition is assisting a large medical practice in Florida with their Coronavirus pandemic response.   The firm contacted us on Friday March 13 in the evening.  The firm had 500 desktop PCs that they decided to convert to mobile systems.

Tranxition immediately issued them a license and they began the conversion work on Friday night.  On Sunday, the practice informed us that they had converted nearly all their workers to mobile users.   The IT director in charge of the project said, “the software is working really well.  We are pretty impressed.”  The conversion enables their office workforce to operate from their homes during the crisis period.

Tranxition is assisting many other firms with their pandemic response.  In particular, we are offering a steeply-discounted professional services component that will remotely configure the software and allow it to be validated in about two hours.

Tranxition’s software captures “the user’s profile” on a Windows PC, regardless of the versions of Windows, Office, and other software versions in use, as well as user documents.   If your firm purchased 200 PCs that have Windows 10 and Office 2019 installed and your existing desktops are running Windows 7 or 10, Migration Manager detects the versions in real time and makes all the required adaptions to the new system in real time.  In a few hours, users is converted and on the move.

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Coronavirus Desktop to Mobile

Tranxition is now offering a 10% discount on licenses to Migration Manager for the next thirty days.  Many firms are rushing to mobilize their work forces so that people can work from home during the situation.  Migration Manager’s speed and ease of use are reported by many to be a key element in a successful mobilization.

Contact Tranxition Sales at the links above to learn more about how Tranxition Migration Manager is helping firms and governments to “go mobile” during the situation.

Tranxition Releases SCCM Integration Guide

We released a fabulous integration guide for Tranxition Migration Manager to “snap into” Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (or SCCM).

Tranxition developed and used the guide over the years internally, but we recently published it for customers, IT Services, MSPs and SCCM experts.

Our tests showed that it should take no more than a few hours to leverage the staggering power of SCCM with the amazing results of Migration Manager.

The link to the new guide is here

Pharma Company Chooses PC Migration Tools from Tranxition

October 9, 2018

Tranxition is pleased to announce that an important American pharmaceutical firm has chosen Tranxition PC Migration tools for its upcoming migration to move user data from Windows 7 to Windows 10.  Their technicians reported excellent test results for the tool and found it to be powerful and reliable for their PC Migration to Windows 10.

Copy User Profiles on Windows 10 with Tranxition Migration Manager.


Windows 10 Profile Migration Tool Update

Users of Tranxition’s Windows 10 Profile Migration Tool will be pleased with our announcement of the release of Tranxition Migration Manager 10.21.  Designed for Windows 10 User Migration, It’s available from the download link on the website. This minor upgrade to our Windows 10 Profile software includes:

  • Re-engineered support for Windows domain changes within a PC.   Changes to Microsoft API sets have enabled us to rewrite our code for this operation.   The results seem to be working well and handling more user cases than the older one.
  • Improved Microsoft Outlook support.  Our support for Microsoft Outlook is among the best in the industry.  We took a fresh look at some unusual situations and buffed up areas to make it even better.
  • Improved support for very long path filenames.
  • Current users with a maintenance agreement can download the new release and drop in their license key.

Prospective users can download the version on the website and start a 30-day full powered evaluation.   You won’t regret it for a minute.

Windows 10 profile migration tool update.

Tranxition Migration Manager 10.2.1 Released

Today, Tranxition is releasing Tranxition Migration Manager Version 10.2.1! This upgrade includes a brand new interface that makes it easier to learn and use, as well as some minor changes to file handling, including support for super-long path names. There is now no realistic limit for file path length in Migration Manager, which is quite useful when handling file paths in sync directories to cloud storage.

Here’s a screenshot of the new interface:

Tranxition Migration Manager – Transfer Windows Profile Software for Windows 10.

The link to download the new trial version is here:

Download Tranxition Migration Manager 10.2.1

If you are a current customer of Tranxition, contact sales or support to obtain a copy.

We’ve got a number of exciting things to release this year… so stay tuned. And, as always, let us know how we can help.

The Team at Tranxition

Tranxition Migration Manager 10.2 Released

I’m happy to announce that our minor release of Tranxition Migration Manager 10.2 has been released.

While it looks almost like the same product, there is a lot of work behind the scenes:

We’ve added a number of customer-requested minor bug fixes.   We’ve also added ODBC settings across all Operating Systems.  And on top of that, our content for Adobe Acrobat continues to improve.  We now support also SYSPREP -copyprofile users.

The most major change was requested by some of our medium sized organizations.  We now include global license management as an inherent part of Migration Manager.  So, for example, if a firm has offices in 20 cities globally, a single license key can cover the global utilization.  Even better, if the number of seats needs to increase to accommodate growth,  We can make that change back here in Oregon and additional seats are instantly available worldwide.

Even more cool, the model also supports subscription purchases, or a time based license.  We’ve had a number of customers over the years want to license for a year, or 18 months. The perpetual software model makes that problematic.  So with the new approach, even an extension to a subscription means a quick change at our site and its all good.

The next version of Migration Manager, 10.5, is going to have lots of changes that will be visible to users.   We’ll go into more detail in a few months, but we could not be more excited for that.   Included in 10.5 is new application support as well, so the best keeps getting better.

The Tranxition Team

KACE Endpoint Systems Management Appliances: What’s New for 2017

Tranxition™ Migration Manager seamlessly integrates with both the K1000 and K2000 KACE appliances, bringing you a richer, more agile and robust persona management experience. Migration Manager is unsurpassed as a stand-alone end user migration tool for your refresh cycle or new hardware deployment. Read the latest news about what Quest and KACE have to offer for 2017. Download 10 free seats of TMM and learn more about how TMM and KACE bring you a better experience together.