Case Studies

Dow Corning: Documents Dramatic Results with Migration Manager


A new PC migration process using Tranxition software helped reduce the cost of migrating Dow Corning’s 9000 PCs for an estimated savings of $1.62 million.

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Metro PC Works

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Once Metro PC Works discovered Tranxition™ Migration Manager software, they saw an attractive alternative to image-based solutions at a third of the cost.

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Knowledge Workers Migrated at the Houston Chronicle


One of the most important media companies in the United States, the HOUSTON CHRONICLE is a key source of news for the state of Texas and Louisiana. With 2,000 knowledge workers, the CHRONICLE needed a proven PC migration solution with great support.  That’s why they chose Tranxition.

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DARPA: Windows Migration Time Reduced 50% with Migration Manager


This case study analyzes how the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) cut migration time by 50% using Migration Manager. DARPA’s migration involved a thousand desktop PCs. Most ran older versions of Windows with over 200 custom applications located on those systems. This excellent example of a migration was performed by Lockheed Martin.

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