Tranxition has partnered with Quest (Formerly Dell Software) to integrate Tranxition Migration Manager for Windows into  the KACE Systems Management Appliance (Formerly KACE 1000) and KACE Systems Deployment Appliance (Formerly KACE 2000) series of appliances.

Migration Manager is an automatic and dynamic Windows and Microsoft Office profile movement tool that produces flawless Windows migrations. Migration Manager offers 5 times the speed and is 99.99% reliable for large migration projects, according to technical assessments in customer sites.

Migration Manager enables the automatic capture of a vast quantity of user personalizations and documents associated with users and profiles.  When coupled with the KACE appliances, IT gets the benefits of both enterprise-class solutions.   Migration Manager is available directly from Tranxition or through one of our partners.

Tranxition and Quest jointly prepared two white papers that discuss the integration.

While Migration Manager is great on its own, it really shines when used in concert with the KACE appliances from Quest.

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If you’d like to download Migration Manager, click here.