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Windows 10 Profile Migration Tool Update

Users of Tranxition’s Windows 10 Profile Migration Tool will be pleased with our announcement of the release of Tranxition Migration Manager 10.21.  Designed for Windows 10 User Migration, It’s available from the download link on the website. This minor upgrade to our Windows 10 Profile software includes:

  • Re-engineered support for Windows domain changes within a PC.   Changes to Microsoft API sets have enabled us to rewrite our code for this operation.   The results seem to be working well and handling more user cases than the older one.
  • Improved Microsoft Outlook support.  Our support for Microsoft Outlook is among the best in the industry.  We took a fresh look at some unusual situations and buffed up areas to make it even better.
  • Improved support for very long path filenames.
  • Current users with a maintenance agreement can download the new release and drop in their license key.

Prospective users can download the version on the website and start a 30-day full powered evaluation.   You won’t regret it for a minute.

Windows 10 profile migration tool update.

PC Migration Software Leader

Tranxition has seen a large increase in customer wins. made steady progress competing against other solutions.   In the last three side-by-side customer tests, Tranxition either won the competition outright, or pushed an existing competitor solution out of the customer.   One recent evaluation by a manufacturer proved that their use of a competitor over more than three years produced no financial benefit. PC migration projects are too important to be architected with solutions that can’t deliver.

Test in Europe

Another recent test in Europe showed that Tranxition delivers unmatched price, performance, and reliability.  We estimate that our solution wins 90% of the comparisons.  When you transfer a Windows user profile, you want to make sure that the resulting system is not going to make problems for the end user.

Blazing Speed

The other key component of user persona migration is speed.  Tranxition is by far the fastest we’ve seen with respect to the time it takes from start to finish.  One of our editors recently tried to look at one of the competing solutions and it crashed when run with the default settings.

Migrate Apps?  Really?

PC migration competitors promote “migrating applications.  They know customers want to move applications if they can.  The problem is that this results in migrations sometimes lasting over a day.  Additionally, risk managers at large firms don’t want to move applications because they don’t know if all the applications are properly licensed.   The only way to migrate is to install corporate suites via image, and let the users download approved applications on their own from the company repository.

Evaluate the Leader

For over a decade companies around the world have appreciated the ease of adoption, use, and results of migration manager.   If you are planning for a better end result.  You need this product now.

Evaluate Tranxition Migration Manager.
You won’t regret it for a minute.

The Team