Migrate7 version 8.1 Released

Version 8.1 of Migrate7 has been released and is available for download for all customers with an active support contract. An evaluation version is also available for download.

Major new features in this release include:

/PERSONALITYPATH Command-Line Parameter

The new /PERSONALITYPATH command-line parameter makes it possible to completely define the path where Migrate7 should read and/or write personality data for a specific operation. This feature makes many migration scenarios easier since you can include environment variables such as computer or user name in the personality path.

Stricter File/User Association

Migrate7 now pays more attention to which files belong to which users during extractions and injections. This is most important when extracting only a subset of users from a system with several user profiles or when injecting only one user out of several available users.

Improved Extraction Performance

Performance during extractions have been improved so that extractions are now 20 – 40% (depending on file types) faster than in 8.0.