Migrate7 version 8.0 Released

Version 8.0 of Migrate7 has been released and is available for download for all customers with an active support contract. An evaluation version is also available for download.

Major new features in this release include:

Improved Support for Zero-Touch Migrations

Migrate7 now supports defining the source and target computer pairing for migrations in a mapping file that can be used during injections to ensure that the correct user state is migrated to the target computer. This makes zero-touch migrations possible in any environment, even those without a robust desktop management tool in place.

New and Updated Application Support

With this release, Migrate7 can now support, out-of-the-box, user state migrations for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. We have also enhanced our support for migrating additional user settings for Microsoft Office, Acrobat Reader and Acrobat Pro.

Updated Compression Algorithm

To enhance the performance of extractions and injections (both in terms of speed and compression ratio), the compression algorithm used by Migrate7 has been replaced with the popular ZLib compression algorithm.

Improved Progress Dialog UI

The progress dialog (optionally) displayed to end users when performing long-running operations has been improved to display more relevant information about the progress of the operation in a more user-friendly fashion.

Using File Rules to Optimize Extractions

Previous versions of Migrate7 have always been able to exclude files from being extracted, but all directories were still scanned which takes time when there are a lot of files present. With this release, the file rules engine is now able to completely skip scanning directories if it can be determined that there is no way any files can be included from the directory or any of its subdirectories. This can significantly speed up extraction times in certain scenarios.