Migrate7 Scores in Customer Interview


[Ed: We recently sat down with a customer to talk about a recent migration.  This IT Manager works for an international energy company and recently performed a 300-seat migration.  We thought we would share.  It seems like this user’s favorite Migrate7 feature is not having to use USMT.]

Q:  How is your migration going?

Our Migration is going quite well.  Your migration utility is doing a great job!  It has impressed our management out here. I love it and it’s so easy to use, a monkey could do it.  Life would have been miserable trying to do this manually or trying to use USMT.”

Even more than that, end-users have commented: this is the smoothest transition ever.

Q:  What do you like best about Migrate7?

Migrate7 easily captures all the user profile info, lots of customized applications and stored data.  It’s easy to customize Migrate7 to collect what’s needed (or avoid what is not needed).

If we miss something during the main extraction, it is very easy to incrementally extract and inject that information.  Migrate7 has saved me so much time.

Q:  How much time has it saved you?

I would estimate it takes me less than 50-60% of the time it would using USMT.

Q: Can you tell us about your migration specifically?

We used it to deploy 300 Windows 7 systems, so far. We set it up to save user personas to a server, and occasionally we attach a USB disk to a local machine and use it that way.

We run 4-5 migrations at a time and save the profile in case we need to restore at a later date.   We migrate the OS (Windows 7), Microsoft Office settings and all user data.  This is not a refresh in place.  We are replacing hardware in most cases at the same time as the Windows 7 conversion, so the user needs to be physically present at the PC.

We purchased the hardware is purchased from HP, preloaded with our pre-defined corporate image (both OS and apps).  We do not use a software deployment tool in-house.

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