Migrate7 version 8.5 Released

Congratulations to the team.   In my opinion, this is the strongest version of Migrate7 ever produced.  We’ll also be releasing Windows 8.1 support soon after Windows 8.1 is released.   Here is the press release.

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Tranxition™ Corporation, today announced the release of Migrate7 version 8.5.  This latest version supports:

  • Windows 8 and all modern Windows versions including XP
  • Microsoft Office 2016 as well as Office 2003, 2007, and 2010
  • End user self-restore for files or directories previously backed up in Migrate7
  • Deep application support for Office with more than 600 settings preserved and migrated in Microsoft*
    Word alone, and thousands of settings on a total system
  • Migration Content Builder for easy inclusion of custom settings or apps

“With the coming push by corporations and government to upgrade from Windows XP to either Windows 7 or Windows 8, this release comes to the rescue at an important time in the industry.   With our support for XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Microsoft Office 2003, 2007, 2010, and 2013, users in environments from 25-100000 windows PCs will be migrating in a few hours instead of a few weeks,” said Kelly Mackin, Tranxition’s founder.  “Corporations, service providers and governments around the world have found Tranxition’s products to be instrumental in rapid, cost-effective and technician-friendly migration. “

Migrate7 is valued by organizations for the following reasons:

It shaves hours, days or weeks off of migration time and saves between $300-2000 per PC according to industry estimates

  • It increases end user productivity dramatically following the migration
  • It can slash migration times from 2-10 hours per PC to less than one hour with results that are not achievable manually

“In the ever changing world of information technology, it’s incumbent upon administrators to find ways to do their job with fewer resources and in less time. Migrations of any type whether between computers, domains or operating systems has historically been an extremely time consuming tasks,” says Brian Howe, network administrator at IT Logic.

“Early or free migration methods typically demand the use of multiple tools and utilities to assist in the process, requiring complex scripts and setup in order to complete the task. Migrate7 addresses these problems, including the migration of user customized application and operating system settings.

“Post migration administrator tasks usually require technicians to spend a considerable amount of time attempting to recreate the end users personalized desktop environment. Migrate7 eliminates this error-prone and expensive step. It addresses the complexities of nearly every migration scenario I can think via your choice of line command scripting or GUI configuration and execution.”

Migrate7 supports migration to and from:

  • Server-based roaming profiles
  • Remote Desktop Services
  • Terminal Services
  • User Folder Redirection
  • Virtual desktop infrastructures (VDI),
  • Migration to cloud environments and
  • Migration from roaming profiles to desktops.

For enterprise environments, Migrate7 was designed for
rapid integration into:

  • Microsoft SCCM
  • Dell* KACE,
  • PowerShell,
  • Enterprise management consoles such as HP* OpenView*, Tivoli*, CA Technologies* Unicenter* and many others

At the same time, the solution is sophisticated enough to be used by individuals, small businesses and remote corporate offices with modest technical skill.

About Migrate7

Migrate7 automatically locates, stores, transfers and reconnects user settings and data files, including desktop configurations, mapped network drives, Internet settings and accounts, service and protocol information, Internet favorites and bookmarks, email services, address books and inboxes, custom dictionaries and many more.

Migrate7 is ideal for preserving a PC persona while reducing the cost and increasing the quality of PC migration processes.  Migrate7 reduces the cost of deploying a new PC by approximately 50%, and virtually eliminates post-migration help desk requirements. IT professionals can quickly configure the tool to gather data files from anywhere on a system’s hard drives and redirect them to specific folders on the destination machine with the directory structure intact.  Migrate7 requires less technician intervention because it needs fewer interactive steps than other backup, restore and migration solutions. Detailed audit logs provide a complete record of the entire process.

Licensing, Pricing and Availability

Migrate7 8.5 is licensed in single and multi-PC packs, with volume pricing and site licenses for larger quantities. Licenses start at $39.95 per PC, with the per-seat cost based on the quantity purchased.  Quantities up to 1000 can be purchased online at www.tranxition.com, and volume licenses for any quantity can be purchased directly from Tranxition Corporation as well as from Tranxition partners, resellers and service providers.  Tranxition offers discounted pricing for service providers and resellers.  Tranxition offers a 25-seat evaluation version for download off its website at no-cost for 30 days.

About Tranxition Corporation

Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, Tranxition Corporation is a private company that develops best of breed software tools for intelligent backup and migration of user settings and data for all Windows versions and most business applications.  Our customers include Fortune 500 corporations, large government agencies, major IT service providers,
and healthcare organization and universities. For more information, visit www.tranxition.com, phone toll-free (877)-688-1004 in the US and Canada, or 1+503+688+5046 elsewhere.  Brands and products referenced herein are the trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.


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