Migrate7 8.6 Support for iTunes 11

As we briefly stated yesterday, Tranxition’s Migrate7 8.6 will include application support for migrating iTunes 11 user media and application settings.  The IT manager has control of which types of content is captured and included in the migration.  Migrate7 iTunes support also and importantly includes support for iOS devices, including Apple iPad, iPhone, and iCloud connections.

Apple devices are in broad use in enterprises, and requests for support of iOS users through iTunes in Windows was among our most “asked for” content.

A brief summary of Migrate7 7.6 iTunes support follows.

Migrate7 8.6 iTunes supports:

  • Transfer of iTunes Purchases, Backups.  The iPod or iPhone user can restore their device from the pre-migration backup after migration.
  • Home sharing settings.
  • Photos sharing settings ( with Apple TV).
  • Playlists for instances of  iPhone/ iPod versions, Apple TV, and AAC
  • Migration of  media by source type: such as Movies, TV Shows, Podcasts, iTunes U, Books, and Radio.
  • All View options settings.
  • Import settings (AIFF, Apple Lossless, MP3, WAV).
  • Playback option settings including Crossfade, Enhancer, and Sound check.
  • Share option settings including local network sharing, Share selected Playlists, and Home Sharing computers and devices.
  • All iTunes Store settings.
  • Parental control settings.
  • Shuffle control and Repeat options settings.
  • iCloud option settings transfer.
All current maintenance customers and new licensees will have access to Migrate7 version 8.6 on or about December 2, 2013.

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