SCCM R2 is Here

In case you missed it, Microsoft  SCCM R2 is now getting some deeper reviews.

IT News Australia has a well-done review.  Among other things, they said:

“…there is a steep learning curve for entry-level users. SCCM has its complexities – first-time installs shouldn’t expect to have it up and running from scratch in a few hours without first getting their head around the nuances of its structure and design.”

Yep.  It’s true.  It’s not for novice administrators at all.  But like anything, it can be learned. We write software that masks as much complexity as possible.  There is a fine balance needed between flexibility and sophistication.

That said,  Migrate7 comes with a guide detailing how to integrate Migrate7 into SCCM.  It’s rather easy, as a matter of fact, like most things with Migrate7.

The link to the review is here: ITNews.




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