User Persona API Getting Great Recognition

We don’t often toot our own horn, but we believe that our latest product is pretty great and worthy of a few toots. It’s nice to know that some key industry analysts share that sentiment.

Amy DeMartine, senior analyst with Forrester Research, said in an interview with Tranxition COO Kelly Mackin, “I think the strategy is great…the biscuits are burning …”

In his blog, leading tech analyst Rob Enderle,of Enderle Group, says “Tranxition is doing what no one else is doing. Firms such as Tranxition help slash the personal, corporate, and financial issues associated with computer migration and backup by including persona as a necessary step.”.  Read Mr Enderle’s whole article in IT Business Edge here.

David K. Johnson, principle analyst at Forrester Research, tweets: “@TranxitionSoft Lots of code that correctly parses myriad sources of relevant information and settings. Goes way deeper than USMT.”. @david_kjohnson

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