Pandemic Technology Response

Tranxition is assisting a large medical practice in Florida with their Coronavirus pandemic response.   The firm contacted us on Friday March 13 in the evening.  The firm had 500 desktop PCs that they decided to convert to mobile systems.

Tranxition immediately issued them a license and they began the conversion work on Friday night.  On Sunday, the practice informed us that they had converted nearly all their workers to mobile users.   The IT director in charge of the project said, “the software is working really well.  We are pretty impressed.”  The conversion enables their office workforce to operate from their homes during the crisis period.

Tranxition is assisting many other firms with their pandemic response.  In particular, we are offering a steeply-discounted professional services component that will remotely configure the software and allow it to be validated in about two hours.

Tranxition’s software captures “the user’s profile” on a Windows PC, regardless of the versions of Windows, Office, and other software versions in use, as well as user documents.   If your firm purchased 200 PCs that have Windows 10 and Office 2019 installed and your existing desktops are running Windows 7 or 10, Migration Manager detects the versions in real time and makes all the required adaptions to the new system in real time.  In a few hours, users is converted and on the move.

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