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IT Manager, Global Media Company

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Electric utility executive

“This product is AWESOME. My team migrated 880 machines in a single weekend with 15 people.”

R.S. Global engineering firm

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J.S. – TV Station, Denver

“This is a tool we can’t do without.”

Microsoft Certified Professional Magazine

“Not a single failure of the software was recorded in over 5,000 migrations. This is the best supported product we’ve used.”

Dow Corning

“We got more than 300 migrations completed in the time it took USMT to perform 100.”

IT Service Provider

“Tranxition’s strong data management tools are particularly well-suited for larger business contexts.”


“I could not believe it when recently used documents and shortcuts and nearly everything else came back without a hitch. It’s a wow product.”

Partner, California

“We love this technology. It’s almost like a form of magic.”

Partner, Florida