Reduced migration time

Easy to implement

Faster return to productivity

Less support tickets

Migration Manager

A battle-tested and proven solution that has migrated millions of users.  Deep setting support, incredible speed, logical automation, and reduced scripting.  This is a PC profile migration tool that actually saves you money and time.

Fully-Functional Free Trial

Pricing per seat starts at $19.95 before volume discounts.

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Purchase online for orders up to 500 seats. Contact us for additional discounts.

Windows PC Migration

Windows OS changes

NSA AES-256 encryption in motion and at rest

ITSM integration including Ivanti, KACE, SCCM, and others

Mergers and acquisitions

Works on any valid storage device

Backup personas beforehand and grab the changes just before migration

Change Domain

Literally three times more efficient than free tools

Real-time sensing automatically adjusts settings to new environment

No client installation required

User-Initiated Migration

The power of Migration Manager in an automatic, two-click tool that lets end users take care of the process.

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