Slash enterprise migration time

For in-office and remote workers

PC replacement cycles

Slash migration costs

No more reworks

In-place refresh

Windows profile archiving

Slash support tickets

Faster return to productivity

Mergers and acquisitions

Migration Manager Software

A battle-tested and proven solution that has migrated millions of users. Deep setting support, incredible speed, logical automation, and reduced scripting. This is an enterprise level PC profile migration software that actually saves you money and time.

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Pricing and

Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, windows 11, Windows PE

No client installation required

In-place refreshes with hardlinks

Two-sigma reliability

Cross architecture 32-bit and 64-bit migrations

Password protect user data

Cross version applications including Office 2010 to 2021

No need to elevate user rights

Real-time sensing automatically adjusts settings to new environment

Use USB storage, corporate LAN or crossover cable

Backup personas beforehand and grab the changes just before migration

Rules-based document and custom registry transfers

Zero touch automation

ITSM integration including Ivanti, KACE, SCCM, PDQ Deploy, and others

Change domains

Literally three times more efficient than free tools

Full encryption in motion and at rest

Ransomware Recovery

The only SaaS based full rebuild ransomware recovery solution.


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