There are several methods of migrating users to move to Windows 10 and Windows 11.    All of them have benefits and drawbacks.  Let’s review these Windows 11 migration and transfer methods..

  •  Copy Files Using a Backup Solution.  Copying files using a backup solution will usually result in some documents being left behind if the default settings are used.  One of the drawbacks of “open” operating systems is that users can typically save documents anywhere they have access to.  Nearly two decades ago, just moving user documents became obsolete with the introduction of Tranxition Migration Manager.  With TMM, not only can you migrate users to Windows 11, you can also capture all the user personalizations, account settings, recently used documents, favorites, macros, defaults, shortcuts and thousands of other settings in a flash.  Prove this in two hours with the no-cost trial version.
  • Use Free and “Low Cost” Tools.   There are a few low cost and free tools that are available at “bargain-basement” prices, and as you might expect,, one gets what one pays for.   Broken injections, user help desk calls, frustrated users complaining to management, an inefficient and very slow process, five hours instead of 42 minutes!  In other words, you are on your own.   Tranxition’s prime customer base is made up of users who came to us after they “had it” with free and low-cost tools.  For what users think they save with these kinds of solutions, our research shows that these “cheap tricks” actually wind up costing more money!  Sometimes double what the cost if TMM had been used in the first place.  Our advice, don’t fall for it.  Even just a few hours of testing will confirm what we are telling you.
  •  User Persona Management.   User persona management is a high priced method of migrating users.  In this scenario, a large-infrastructure of servers is installed and user settings are continuously-captured.   When a migration happens, simply plug the new PC in.   The problem with this approach is that one already has to be using UPM to obtain the benefit later.  And these products can be fantastically expensive.
  • User State Migration with TMM.   Deploying a User State Migration Solution such as Tranxition Migration Manager, along with your favorite imaging tool and systems management software, means that migrating users to Windows 11 and the transfer of user state has never been easier.    Literally, a few clicks is all it takes to make a device, walk and talk like the old one.   In fact, we’ve seen scenarios where the user interruption time is ZERO, with ZERO touch, and thrilled users.  In fact, your users might not even know they’ve been migrated.