PC Migration Stick

PC MigrationStick

With a few clicks and a little time, MigrationStick™ takes you all the way there with automated functionality.  Based on our core migration engine, MigrationStick gives you the speed and reliability of Migration Manager.

With MigrationStick, users or IT migrate their profiles, app settings, and documents to a new laptop or desktop replacement with a few clicks.

MigrationStick captures the logged-in user by default.  If an admin login is used, it can capture all profiles on a system if there is enough space on the stick.

How It Works

MigrationStick captures one or all of the user profile customizations and documents of a single PC. It is now available to OEMs and MSPs for IT scenarios.  It requires no configuration at all and detects system versions in real time.  If the applications are installed, it will copy settings for major applications.  If not, it will capture and inject all the  user’s documents.

The process can take as little as 20 minutes or an hour or two depending on the number of documents.Before use, applications are preinstalled on the target system and Tranxition recommends imaging, OEM loading, or applications pre-deployed through ITSM solutions. This product is designed for IT and MSP utilization and is not a consumer product although it is simple enough for most users.

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What Major Settings are Supported?

  • All User Documents
  • Adobe
    • Acrobat Reader
    • Acrobat
  • Browsers
    • Google Chrome
    • Firefox
    • Internet Explorer
  • Collaboration
    • Lotus Notes
    • Microsoft Office
    • Office
      • Access
      • Excel
      • Groove/SharePoint
      • OneNote
      • Outlook
      • PowerPoint
      • Project
      • Publisher
      • Shared Office Settings
      • Visio
      • Most recently-used files
    • QuickBooks
    • ITunes (files)
    • Windows Media Player
    • Windows Options
      • Desktop and Task Bar
      • Control Panel
      • Accessibility
      • Display
        • Appearance and Themes
        • Background
        • Visual Effects
      • Internet Options
      • Keyboard Settings
      • Mouse Settings
      • Buttons
      • Motion
      • Pointers
      • Schemes
      • ODBC Settings
      • Power Management
      • Regional Settings
      • Time Zones
      • Wireless
        • Network Settings
        • Wireless Network Profiles
      • Desktop Shortcuts
      • Printers
        • Local Printer Identities (click to install driver)
        • Shared Printer Settings
        • Network Printer Settings
      • Shell folders
      • Mapped Network Drives
      • Quicklaunch
      • Contacts
      • Desktop Folders and subfolders
      • My Documents
      • My Music
      • My Pictures
      • My Videos
      • All user media files
      • Windows Explorer

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