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Tranxition Releases SCCM Integration Guide

We released a fabulous integration guide for Tranxition Migration Manager to “snap into” Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (or SCCM).

Tranxition developed and used the guide over the years internally, but we recently published it for customers, IT Services, MSPs and SCCM experts.

Our tests showed that it should take no more than a few hours to leverage the staggering power of SCCM with the amazing results of Migration Manager.

The link to the new guide is here

Pharma Company Chooses PC Migration Tools from Tranxition

October 9, 2018

Tranxition is pleased to announce that an important American pharmaceutical firm has chosen Tranxition PC Migration tools for its upcoming migration to move user data from Windows 7 to Windows 10.  Their technicians reported excellent test results for the tool and found it to be powerful and reliable for their PC Migration to Windows 10.

Copy User Profiles on Windows 10 with Tranxition Migration Manager.


Windows 10 Profile Migration Tool Update

Users of Tranxition’s Windows 10 Profile Migration Tool will be pleased with our announcement of the release of Tranxition Migration Manager 10.21.  Designed for Windows 10 User Migration, It’s available from the download link on the website. This minor upgrade to our Windows 10 Profile software includes:

  • Re-engineered support for Windows domain changes within a PC.   Changes to Microsoft API sets have enabled us to rewrite our code for this operation.   The results seem to be working well and handling more user cases than the older one.
  • Improved Microsoft Outlook support.  Our support for Microsoft Outlook is among the best in the industry.  We took a fresh look at some unusual situations and buffed up areas to make it even better.
  • Improved support for very long path filenames.
  • Current users with a maintenance agreement can download the new release and drop in their license key.

Prospective users can download the version on the website and start a 30-day full powered evaluation.   You won’t regret it for a minute.

Windows 10 profile migration tool update.

PC Migration Software Leader

Tranxition has seen a large increase in customer wins. made steady progress competing against other solutions.   In the last three side-by-side customer tests, Tranxition either won the competition outright, or pushed an existing competitor solution out of the customer.   One recent evaluation by a manufacturer proved that their use of a competitor over more than three years produced no financial benefit. PC migration projects are too important to be architected with solutions that can’t deliver.

Test in Europe

Another recent test in Europe showed that Tranxition delivers unmatched price, performance, and reliability.  We estimate that our solution wins 90% of the comparisons.  When you transfer a Windows user profile, you want to make sure that the resulting system is not going to make problems for the end user.

Blazing Speed

The other key component of user persona migration is speed.  Tranxition is by far the fastest we’ve seen with respect to the time it takes from start to finish.  One of our editors recently tried to look at one of the competing solutions and it crashed when run with the default settings.

Migrate Apps?  Really?

PC migration competitors promote “migrating applications.  They know customers want to move applications if they can.  The problem is that this results in migrations sometimes lasting over a day.  Additionally, risk managers at large firms don’t want to move applications because they don’t know if all the applications are properly licensed.   The only way to migrate is to install corporate suites via image, and let the users download approved applications on their own from the company repository.

Evaluate the Leader

For over a decade companies around the world have appreciated the ease of adoption, use, and results of migration manager.   If you are planning for a better end result.  You need this product now.

Evaluate Tranxition Migration Manager.
You won’t regret it for a minute.

The Team

A Review: Migration Manager v. USMT

USMT (User State Migration Tool) is a tool offered at “no charge” by Microsoft for Windows PC migration.  The tool was developed as a result of large enterprise customers asking vendors and also Microsoft about the time, disruption, and expense involved in migrating Windows users.  It’s free… like a puppy.

The real work starts when you roll it out.  To help us understand USMT better, we asked a network management firm to test USMT and Migration Manager to determine how they stack up.  We thought you’d be interested in the data.  Pop us a note if you have something to add or change in this post with a comment or by reaching out to us on our Contact page.  We hope you find this information useful.
As far as free tools go, USMT is in our opinion quite rudimentary in many areas and offers no user interface to IT managers and much lower reliability without extensive customization.
Customers state that the application support is quite thin in many areas, even in Microsoft’s own applications.

Comparing Migration Manager and USMT: Key Features

Migration Manager
GUI Interface and configuration editing system
Command Line Scripting
Native Compression of Stored Data
Duplicate File Awareness
User Data Password Protected
Migration Tool Can be Executed From Network Location
Supports Roaming Profile Migrations
Supports Terminal Service Profiles
Supports Cross Domain Migrations
System Center Configuration Manager Integration
Encryption of user state data while transiting network
Flexible Storage of User State Data
Agent-less Migration (No binaries installed on client system)
Backup Logged on User incrementally

The network testing company we hired told us that USMT is sensitive to Registry and Profile settings, which are common on Windows PC’s and can cause USMT to fail. To support that assertion, we recently posted on a Microsoft Certified Professional article quoting data from VMWare stating that “USMT has a 29% data and settings loss rate in VMWare’s testing.” Our eyebrows went up when we read that.


  • USMT is reportedly weak on support for settings transfer.  It goes mostly for the easy stuff.
  • The versions of each application must match on the source and destination computers.
  • This is a huge because USMT does not the migration of the settings of an earlier version of an application to a later version except for Microsoft Office, which USMT can migrate from an earlier version to a later version.
  • Inconsistent migration compatibility; especially when migrating between different OS versions.  This leads to a lot of research and testing time to determine feasibility.
  • USMT requires technician to learn how to read and edit raw XML files that are required to have granular control over the migration.
  • USMT Has version and locale (language) dependencies, especially with Microsoft Office
  • It does not operate in a secure network environment, operates only at a file system level
  • USMTs complex line command switch options lead to management complexity and a steep learning curve
  • It is found by many IT administrators to be time consuming and error prone in large enterprise environments.  One tech told us:  “It’s rudimentary and it fails half the time.”

Migration Manager

Easy to configure.

Set up and run the first Migration Manager migration in a few minutes.

  • Highly-reliable and dependable.  99.9% reliability (two sigma)
  • Easily create multiple configurations for different departments or branches
  • Delivers a demonstrated migration ROI of $300-2000 resulting from ease of use and simple implementation
  • Takes care of migrating Outlook and setting it up correctly
  • Provides incremental backup and selective restoration – protects and preserves personalities over time
  • Handles remote non-logged in users, no problem
  • Easily distributed for large-scale migrations.  No Install required.
  • Strong enough to be used for regular backup and even has an optional end user restore tool available.
  • Migrates more deeply.  500+ more settings on Microsoft Word just for starters.  USMT only moves some settings in the tests that we reviewed
  • Migrates personalities in half the time of USMT last time we saw numbers on it (We hope to update performance numbers soon).
  • Supports manual and automated secure transfer over secure networks
  • No need for network file share rights, can be run as LocalSystem
  • Significantly easier to add custom application, file, and registry support
  • Migration Manager, unlike USMT…migrates from and to different application versions as needed
  • Tranxition provides live, human beings for support and migration design, included as part of the license agreement
  • When a firm chooses Migration Manager as part of their deployment process, they receive a highly-mature, deeply-tested application that has saved organizations around the globe over $1.2B over the last decade or so.  Start an evaluation process and see why going with Migration Manager™ is the only sensible choice for IT professionals.
Start a no-cost evaluation of Migration Manager™ today