User Settings Backup for Microsoft OneDrive

One of the most new and exciting use cases for Migration Manager is to add user settings backup to your current backup process.   With Migration Manager and OneDrive, for example, simply add the automated script to your backup process and save the persona (minus the user documents) to the user’s OneDrive folder on the desktop computer.

Adding this enables a full persona to be gathered on a schedule.  It captures up to 10,000 important user settings.   Saved into the user’s OneDrive folder, it will be automatically synced to the user’s cloud instance.  A user settings backup is a nice thing to have.

In the event of a lost or stolen laptop, a broken PC, or a new device, simply restore the user’s persona, automatically creating the user’s accounts, populate their Recently Used Documents, automatically hooking up their Outlook account, and thousands of other settings.  Then restore the user’s files according to your policies with respect to storage.

Think of all the Powerpoint and Word Templates, the 600 settings in Word, the hundreds of settings in Outlook, browser settings, etc.  When you add all that up, it will save the technicians hours, and keep the user from seeing the school nurse.

At the end of the process, the user will receive a new lap or desktop that has all of the necessary customizations they are so familiar with.  With your cloud document restore process, they will be back to work in a short time.  User settings backup to the cloud is that easy.

One of the key advantages is that the user can be upgraded at the time of the restore.  If the user was on Windows 7 and Windows 10 is now the standard, or Office 2010 on the old device and Office 2016 is the new standard, Migration Manager on injection will automatically detect the new versions and transform the settings to work with the new environment.  User settings backup to the cloud enables you to restore forward to the latest operating systems and core applications.

By combining your cloud document strategy with Migration Manager, your company will be able to restore entire user environments!

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