This document describes how Migration Manager can be used in an automated fashion without requiring any user intervention, something that’s essential to be able to perform large-scale migrations.

Migration Manager provides a rich set of functionality through command-line parameters that allow you to perform both extractions and injections of user state which makes it possible to incorporate Migration Manager in Operating System Deployment scenarios.

It’s possible to use this in MS-DOS-style batch files, NT-style .cmd files, PowerShell scripts or as part of a desktop management suite if you have that deployed in your environment. This document doesn’t make any assumptions about your environment other than that you have at least one Windows domain.

This document explains the uses of the various command-line parameters and provides examples of batch files and network login scripts.


This document applies to functionality within Migration Manager. The batch files use standard MS-DOS commands and the login script examples use standard Windows NT login syntax.


This is a technical discussion and it is presumed that the reader is proficient with standard Windows and networking concepts. It is also assumed that the reader is familiar with and has a working knowledge of Migration Manager. For details on how to use Migration Manager, please see the Migration Manager User’s Guide.

Intended Audience

This document is intended for administrative users of Migration Manager and anyone involved with the deployment of the software.