Migration Manager Exit Codes

Exit codes are used during Migration Manager automation to provide the technician performing the automation more information that can assist in resolving issues concerning the operation of Migration Manager.

Exit Code Description
0 The operation was successful
4 The User Interface does not work with saved elevated credentials - it must be used with one of the following: /autoextract, /autoinject, or /autobackup.
5 Elevated Credentials failed. The method for saving Elevated Credentials was updated in 10.4 and credentials saved with earlier versions of Migration Manager are not compatible. Recreate encrypted storage of credentials by running the /ELEVATEDCREDENTIALS command (see Migration Manager User's Guide for usage).
12 Process aborted
13 The user canceled the operation
246 Unable to create domain user
248 Unable to open response file
251 No personalities exist for specified user on /AUTOINJECT command switch or Not all of the requested users could be found in any personality
252 No user exists for /AUTOEXTRACT command switch
253 Invalid command-line option
254 Improper installation
255 Insufficient rights to execute Migration Manager
256 /Password not supported with this type of personality storage
257 More than one matching personality exists for specified /SOURCE on /AUTOINJECT command switch
258 /SOURCE and /DATASTORE cannot be used at the same time
259 Personality file not found
260 Insufficient rights to migrate users not currently logged on.
261 Invalid response file
263 Password is out of range must be between 7-15 letters, numbers, and/or underscores ("_")
264 /AUTOEXTRACT and /AUTOINJECT cannot be used at the same time
265 Invalid password
266 Import file not found
267 Import parameter not correct
268 No content items were selected for extraction
269 Error processing password
270 Multiple personalities exist for specified user(s) on injection
271 Configuration file not found
272 Invalid configuration file parameter
273 Template file is obsolete
275 Invalid data store entry
276 Configuration file is read-only
277 Cannot create default configuration file
278 No WinUSB cable detected with use of /usb
279 Cannot save configuration file
280 Cannot write to data store
282 No personality to inject for specified date/time used with /autoinject. Specify a date/time later than the initial extraction.
284 Migration Manager is already running on this computer
286 No personalities exist for specified /SOURCE on /AUTOINJECT command switch
287 Invalid /EXCLUDEUSER parameter
288 Invalid /INCLUDEUSER parameter
289 Extraction failed
290 Injection failed
291 Source file not found for hardlinking
292 Multiple redirections to the same user
293 Server disconnected
294 An obsolete personality was specified
295 Invalid /DOMAIN usage. Source domain and target domain must be separated by a ":" Only valid with the /AUTOINJECT switch.
296 Domain usage conflict. Cannot use /DOMAIN with /INCLUDEUSER switch if /INCLUDEUSER contains user redirection
297 Invalid Exclude Disk Parameter
298 Invalid Data Store
307 Personality already exists at data store location
312 The Migration Manager engine was unable to allocate memory to complete the operation
313 Insufficient disk space to complete the operation, or data files may be too large for the datastore file system (FAT32 does not support > 4GB)
314 A file write error caused the operation to fail
319 The operating system denied access to the specified file
321 Personality file is read-only
322 Spaces are not allowed in the upload directory
323 Insufficient file or directory permissions to access a personality file
324 Personality file is being used by another application
325 No personalities found.
326 Load user registry hive failed. If you are migrating users with roaming profiles, the cause is most likely that user account used to run Migration Manager doesn’t have access to the profile. Administrators should be granted access to the roaming profiles before they are created by enabling the group policy "Computer Configuration -> Policies -> Administrative Templates -> System/User Profiles -> Add the Administrators security group to roaming user profiles"
327 /INJECTTOLOGGEDINUSER can only be used with a single user.
328 File too large to migrate
330 The configuration file could not be read
332 The version of the specified personality is not compatible with the version of Migration Manager being used
333 The specified personality is corrupt and cannot be read
334 The extraction operation partially failed. This is almost always due to Migration Manager being denied access to a file during the extraction and is not uncommon to see for temporary files created during Windows update installations. The operation log contains information about the affected file(s).
335 The injection operation partially failed. This is almost always due to Migration Manager being denied access to a file when trying to write it to the target system. The operation log contains information about the affected file(s).
336 The rule file being imported is not a valid rule import/export file.
337 The evaluation license has expired.
338 All purchased license seats have been used.
339 The /MAPPINGFILE parameter must be used with the /AUTOINJECT parameter.
340 The /MAPPINGFILE parameter can’t be used with the /SOURCE parameter.
341 The mapping file specified either does not exist or can’t be read.
342 The mapping file specified does not contain a mapping for the computer where the injection is being performed.
343 The mapping file specified doesn’t contain valid mapping data.
344 The source computer name specified either through a mapping file using the /MAPPINGFILE parameter or through the /source parameter is not a valid computer name.
345 A local user could not be created because the default password defined in the Migration Manager configuration file doesn’t meet the password policy on the system.
346 An injection that requires a user profile to be written to a network location failed since the policy “Allow injections to network locations” policy is disabled.
347 64-bit executable only for running under Windows PE 64-bit. Use 32-bit executable for all other environments including 64-bit Windows.
348 The license used is invalid.
349 Unable to verify license.
350 Operation is not supported under Windows PE.
351 Unable to determine the MAC address.
352 /AUTOBACKUP use with /HARDLINKS is not supported.