Response Files


Since there are limits to command-line length in some environments and since the potential exists for complex command-lines to exceed those limits, Migration Manager supports command-line response files. A response file contains command-line arguments (switches) that are accessed indirectly.

Command line response file support reflects the long-standing Microsoft response file behavior. An at-sign (@) followed by a file specification will designate a response file to include in the logical command-line.

Response File Example

The response file \\MyServer\MigrationManager\response.txt contains:

/IncludeUser user1 /Config \\MyServer\MigrationManager\configuration.xml

The corresponding logical command-line processed by Migration Manager is:

Start /w \\MyServer\MigrationManager\MigrationManager.EXE /autoextract /IncludeUser user1
/Config \\MyServer\MigrationManager\configuration.xml


This example will extract the personality of the user that is specified in the response file.

  1. @echo off
  2. echo Extracting data...
  3. start /w \\MyServer\MigrationManager\MigrationManager.EXE /autoextract @\\MyServer\MigrationManager\response.txt
  4. IF ERRORLEVEL 1 (echo Extraction failed) ELSE (echo Extraction succeeded)