Offline Migrations


Migration Manager allows offline users to be extracted from a Windows PE environment.

Extracting Offline Users

When Migration Manager is installed to a network share and launched from Windows PE, it automatically connects to the offline image. When launching Migration Manager from PE, it is recommended that MigrationManager.cmd is used. This cmd script file will automatically determine the architecture of the Windows PE OS and launch the appropriate Migration Manager executable (32 or 64 bit). The architecture of Windows PE determines which architecture of Migration Manager to use, the offline Windows machine can be either architecture even if it does not match that of Windows PE. Extractions can then be done as they would if Migration Manager had been launched on the offline Windows machine itself.

Injecting Offline Users

Migration Manager does not currently support inject to offline systems. Inject offline users to Windows as normal. When using the /Source switch, the default for offline systems is to specify personalities using the MAC address instead of the computer name of the source computer. If injecting to the same system during a system refresh, /Source:macid can be used to specify the current machine’s MAC address.

The default personality naming behavior of using MACID for offline systems can be changed in Extraction Policies under Edit | Preferences, or by using PERSONALITYNAMING

Example Command-Line with Offline Users


start /w MigrationManager.CMD /autoextract /allusers /excludelocal


start /w MigrationManager.EXE /autoinject /allusers /source 000a959d6816

start /w MigrationManager.EXE /autoinject /allusers /source:macid